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February 20, 2013
Category: Research Written by: Tagged: idea generation monetization

Websites that Make Money & Sell - Courtesy Flippa

Flippa recently put out on presentation (see below) with an analysis of $30 Million in Sales through a total of 8,000 websites.

The analysis figures are quite revealing.

  • 30Mn$ for 8,000 sites converts to $3,750 sites. But, more interesting is that the distribution is by no mean even! The high value sites and low value sites are very skewed. I will back this up with my own analysis shortly.

  • The average site profile is shown below:

Monthly Revenue: $133
Monthly Uniques: 2,097
Monthly Revenue per Unique: $0.04
Sale Price: $493
Sale Multiple: 8 x monthly revenue
Built on a standard CMS
Single Monetization Method

Affilates are a key monetization methods of websites. Key providers are

Commission Junction
Amazon Associates
Link Share
Affiliate Buzz

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