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June 4, 2013
Category: Development Written by: Tagged: aws ec2 hat-tip mongodb

Moving MongoDB database from one server to another

This month, I noticed the our AWS bills were running quite high for the past year. I had setup an EC2 instance a while back which was running batch jobs every day. However, there was no reason for me to dedicate an entire machine to run those jobs.

Hence, I decided to move them to a different server (that would work out much cheaper!)

The batch job scripts and the MongoDB database was all that I had to transfer from one server to another. I followed the below steps ….

1) Moving the scrips was as simple as moving the files.

2) Moving the database involved the following commands. My database is called pinterestjs

Create a temporary folder using mkdir -p ~/tmp/pinterestjsdump

Dump the existing database using mongodump -d pinterestjs -o ~/tmp/pinterestjsdump

Next to transfer files, I use s3cmd

Create a bucket (if not already existing) s3cmd mb s3://tempbin

Zip the files using zip -r tmp/pinterestjsdump

PUT transfer using s3cmd with s3cmd put s3://tempbin

On the NEW machine …

GET the file using s3cmd with s3cmd get s3://tempbin/

Unzip the file using unzip

Restore the MongoDB database using mongorestore -d pinterestjs tmp/pinterestjsdump/pinterestjs

Works just fine! Saved some money!

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