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July 31, 2013
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A guide to PyroPure - A PyroCMS Theme


PyroPure is an theme that has developed at using the latest CSS framework called PURE. Pure is a tiny neat framework that is optimized for mobile. The framework is very light and can be integrated seamlessly with portions of Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery.

PyroPure is designed to give immense flexibility to users. Users can either use theme as provided. Advanced users can dig out parts of use and commonality and consolidate the key theme features into a single file. This can help improve the speed even further. Minification obviously adds further advantages of reduced size.

PyroPure Screenshot

Installation Guide

  1. Install PyroCMS

  2. Install PyroPure

    Download the theme file and unzip it into the themes directory.

  3. Change the default page layout

    Default Page Layout

  4. Setup the Pages

    The structure of the pages is shown below (described in next steps)

  5. Add the Portfolio page

    Portfolio Page 1

    Portfolio Page 2

  6. Add the Project page

    Project Page 1

    Project Page 2

  7. Add the Team page

    Team Page 1

    Team Page 2

  8. Edit the Contact page

    Contact Page

  9. Add the Features page

    Features Page 1

    Features Page 2

    Modify the features partial to reflect the id of the features page (see images below)

    Features Page 3

    Features Page 4

  10. Add the Buttons page

    Buttons Page 1

    Buttons Page 2

    Buttons Page 3

  11. Add the Tables page

    Tables Page 1

    Tables Page 2

    Tables Page 3

  12. Add the Menus page

    Menus Page 1

    Menus Page 2

    Menus Page 3

  13. Rearrange the navigation page


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