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July 31, 2013
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PyroFLAT - A FLAT theme for PyroCMS

PyroFLAT is a Twitter Bootstrap powered theme for PyroCMS. It aims to be a sleek, intuitive, and powerful front-end theme for faster and easier web development. Utilitizing the power of two well designed products enables developers to use many tools for professional and quick web development. The theme is completely modularized with best practises derived from the PyroCMS infrastructure. This makes it extremely easy for developers to customize and add features for their projects.

PyroFLAT Manual

Installation Steps

1) Fresh Installation

Initial PyroCMS Installation

2) Activate the theme by going to the add-ons section

Activate PyroFLAT theme

3) Setup the following pages and navigation

PyroFLAT makes extensive usage of the templating structure of partials in order to have flexibility in installation and configuration for developers.

The configuration activity on the Admin UI has been avoided as far as possible.

4) Setup the home page

Setup the home page

Setup the home page

5) Create a couple of blog entries to ensure the basic structure is working fine.

6) Setup the widgets

The blog_aside partial uses the blog categories and latest posts widget as shown below.

Setup the Widgets

7) Setup the navigation and the pages as follows:

7.1) Components Page

Setup the components page 1

Setup the components page 2

7.2) Base CSS Page

Base CSS 1

Base CSS 2

7.3) Services Page

Services page 1

Services page 2

7.4) Pricing Tables Page

Pricing Tables page 1

Pricing Tables page 2

7.5) Pricing Page

Pricing page 1

Pricing page 2

7.6) About Us Page

About Us page 1

About Us page 2

7.7) Portfolio Page

Portfolio page 1

Portfolio page 2

7.8) Font Awesome Page

Font Awesome page 1

Font Awesome page 2

Similar to Font Awesome, the theme comes with Foundation icons that can be used too. Take a look at the icons folder for demo files.

8) Navigation Setup

Now, the navigation structure can be set up as follows …

First, the "Features" root menu as follows Features Menu Setup

Setup the hierarchy under Features as follows: Navigation Hierarchy Setup

9) Yay! Your PyroFLAT is ready to rock!


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