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November 17, 2013
Category: Development Written by: Tagged: productivity tools

Productivity Tools

Productivity Tips for a Mac

Here are a couple of productivity tips for a Mac!

  • Alfred - A productivity tool to invoke applications with at the stroke of a button

Productivity Tips for Chrome

  • Window Resizer Particularly helpful for responsive testing and capturing screenshots at particular viewport sizes

  • Yet Another Lorem Ipsum Generator
    Helps generate Lorem Ipsum with lots of flexibility right inside chrome!

  • Colllor
    Turn one color into an array of alternative ones.

  • SEO for Chrome
    SEO for Chrome provides SEO Stats and Tools that make your daily SEO tasks easier. The MOST popular Google Chrome SEO Plugin!

  • Chromium browser automation
    Extension for automating chromium browser, Create project -> Record -> Edit Automation -> Manage -> Play

  • Resurrectio
    Functional-oriented and javascript-friendly test recorder. Exports CasperJS scripts. Supports screenshots.

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