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January 2, 2014
Category: Development Written by: Tagged: pyrocms pyrocorp pyrothemes

Introduction to PyroCORP

Over the next few steps I will describe the items to be done before the launch of PyroCorp.

PyroCORP will be a flat design theme for PyroCMS using the startup ui framework from DesignModo.

The startup ui framework aims to be a quick development too to get a website running in a matter of minutes. The framework is well styled and there is a free version available.


  • Modify the default page style to remove unwanted output

Modify default page

  • Ensure the default page is set to the default layout

Ensure default page is set to default layout

Home Page

  • Enter the partial into the home page

Enter the partial into the home page

  • Similarly enter the partials for the remaining pages i.e. Portfolio, About Us, etc.
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